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The members of Team Kimberlin are liars, and as much practice as they’ve had, you’d expect that they’d be better at lying. OTOH, it may that they tell so many that they lose track so that their contradictions are what result in their being caught so easily and so often. Five years ago today, we took a look at Another Whopper from #BillSchmalfeldt.

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A reader sent me a link to an image posted on Twitter by Sore Loserman Bill. In it he writes,

I have never used Parkinson’s as a shield against anything.


Then what are these words doing in his Motion to Modify Peace Order? It’s filed pro se, so he’s told the court that these are his own words—

10. The Peace Order violates the Americans With Disabilities Act by discriminating against Respondent, an American with advanced Parkinson’s disease, by limiting his employment and his ability to engage in therapeutic employment and activities. Respondent has a right under the Act to freely engage in his employment activities. In fact, the law requires the Government to “accommodate” his disability. However, the Peace Order does just the opposite by restricting and limiting Respondent’s ability to work, earn a living, and engage in an activity that helps slow the progression of Parkinson’s.

Since the Motion is still before the court, I have no comment on the merits or lack thereof of this claim. However, the Gentle Reader is free to conclude whether or not the Cabin Boy has ever used or attempted to use Parkinson’s as a shield for his activities.

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The Maryland Court of Appeals refused to hear the Dreadful Pro-Se Schmalfeldt’s appeal and let the Circuit Court’s granting of the peace order stand. Of course, the Cabin Boy™ was suffering from some advanced stage of Parkinson’s disease five years ago, and the stress of my seeking to have him required to leave me alone was hastening the progression of his illness. He was wheelchair bound and unable to speak well enough to be interviewed via telephone. Or so he claimed. And there was no possibility of improvement. Or so he claimed.

Lying liars gotta lie.

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    • “Live on the Big Talker! Now 5 days a week!”

      It’s a Parkinsons miracle.

      I wonder if Michael J. Fox knows about this astounding case of recovery.

      • I wonder if the govt knows? I mean with such a miracle cure that Bill can go back to being employed full time surely he doesn’t need to suck the taxpayer tit anymore.

        Care to comment Bill? Have you notified the govt that you no longer require their our money?

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