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Projection. It’s one of the few things that Team Kimberlin does well. They are very adept at assuming that other folks have motivations similar to theirs. If they try to use false criminal complaints to harass someone, then any complaint filed against one of them must surely be false and filed solely to harass. This post titled Whose Case? from five years ago today deals with their attempt to spin Tetyana Kimberlin’s criminal complaint her husband as bogus.

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In writing about Tetyana Kimberlin’s statutory rape charge against Brett Kimberlin, Sore Loserman Bill Schmalfeldt tweets:

RadioWMS ‏Of course, if the documents were not forged, no problem then. But that blows Hoge and Walker’s case out of the water.
1:15 PM – 1 Aug 13 GMT

Hoge and Walker’s case? Neither Aaron Walker nor I have anything to do with that case. Tetyana has made a charge which appears to be backed up by documents and other evidence. If the case goes forward, it will be State v. Brett Kimberlin. It’s the State of Maryland’s case. My relationship to the matter is strictly as an observer reporting facts and an occasional bit of commentary.

Here’s some commentary: The case is a state criminal matter unless, of course, the feds intervene. International sex trafficking in underage girls might be of interest of either ICE or the FBI, particularly if committed by someone who was out on parole at the time. There may be at least one potentially applicable federal statute where the statute of limitations has not run out. Another United States v. Kimberlin? Possibly.


RadioWMS Perhaps Mr. Hoge might enlighten the class with a talk on what is done with immigrants with forged entry documents.
2:49 PM – 1 Aug 13 GMT

The State Department has published a report that addresses the Cabin Boy’s question. If he were to bother to read it, he would find that both the law and government policy would allow someone who was brought to the U. S. while underage and who was sexually abused to remain in the country and not be deported. Tetyana Kimberlin would have had such status while in the U. S. until she became a citizen.

UPDATE 2—Remember, Gentle Reader, that in Mr. Schmalfeldt’s case we are dealing with an award-winning journalist (he wrote PR releases for the government) who appears to be getting his legal advice from Acme.

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The Cabin Boy’s™ singular ability to get a story wrong seems to be one of the reasons he often winds up out of the frying pan and into the fire.

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  1. Please oh please oh please let me help you write a book about all this.

    Two hooks: 1 evil (opinion, so don’t sue me Brett Kimberlin) vexatious litigant who can’t think two steps ahead even after having been exposed to (covered all over by-) Streisand effect. Despite repeated beatings and attendant publicity. And 1 DumbAss who just can’t think. Not only ‘ahead’ but much less ‘at all.’

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