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From his various failed attempts at a musical career, it seems Brett Kimberlin dreams of being famous, but from his various failed attempts at lawfare, it also seems that he doesn’t want the kind of public scrutiny that goes along with celebrity. The TKPOTD from four years ago today dealt with one of his more stupid attempts to shut his critics up.

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The Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin haz sad because a mean bunch of bloggers mock him on the Interwebz. Here’s part of his whining in his recent letter to Judge Hazel.ECF 165 topof2TDPK knows full well that court filings are public documents and that they can be published. That’s why he put Aaron Walker’s personal information in a filing in the Kimberlin v. Allen lawsuit as a way of doxing Aaron.

Of course, I publish what TDPK files, and, of course, I mock it. There’s no way that I’m going to let Brett Kimberlin hide any of his shenanigans in these vexatious nuisances lawsuits, and I mock his filings because they are risible.

As for “threatening doom” or “pretending to be the Court,” TDPK is reading more into what I write than what I actually have written. Personally, I believe the facts and the law are on my side in both the state and federal cases. That means I expect to win. If that’s a threat of doom, so be it. However, I know that any time one goes to court, the unexpected can happen. I can’t (and won’t) predict what the Court will ultimately do.

Junior MintsOTOH, I do recommend that the Gentle Reader should stock up on popcorn or Jujubes or Raisinets.

And if those don’t suit your fancy, how about Junior Mints?

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He wanted fame. He compounded his infamy.

Losing losers gotta lose.

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