Medicating Moonbats

Howie Carr has a column over at the Boston Herald about how the moonbats have been plagued by Trump Derangement Syndrome. He quotes from tweets from Progressives about how Trump has impacted their health. Weight gain and depression seem rampant.

They used to call St. Petersburg “God’s waiting room,” because everyone was on death’s doorstep. Now the internet is God’s waiting room. The end is near. Half of Hillary’s voters may soon be dead of strokes or heart attacks, if they don’t first overdose on their antidepressants or trash their livers guzzling chardonnay in the morning.

Is there any effective treatment for Trump Derangement Syndrome?

Dr. Carr was going to suggest another possible cure for the moonbats’ depression: look at your 401(k) statements.

But then Dr. Carr realized, you have to have a job to have a 401(k). Never mind, moonbats. Go back to the bottle.

Read the whole thing.

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