3 thoughts on “Straw Man Arguments

  1. I bailed out of California back in 1980 as things were getting too crazy in Santa Cruz for me. Some of the locals back then were horrified that I would be willing to join the USAF with Reagan as president since we would be at war any minute or something with the Soviet Union. I have never doubted my decision over the years even though it’s a beautiful area and I loved the weather.

    • California wasn’t completely crazy when we got there. There were pockets of sanity. When I lived in Orange County, my congresscritter was B-1 Bob Dornan, and there wasn’t a single Democrat elected to any county office. But we could see the way things were going and left in 1990.

      • It seems all the lefties end up in Santa Cruz because you can’t go any further left on land in California… UC Santa Cruz was a hard left place back then and I just needed to step away. My parents left in 1984 after my father retired to rural Washington. Sadly, their area has turned hard left too.

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