6 thoughts on “Satire. I Think.

  1. LOL… I wonder how much these actions have soured investor interest in Twitter and in recent news saying their future growth is slowing contributing to the stock values cratering from $44 to $34 this past week?
    I’m thinking it’s unwise to negatively target an active 40% of your users like they have been doing for at least a couple of years.

    I’m wondering if Jack is having second thoughts. Sadly I doubt it as he’s too blinded by his politics.

    • Even if he’s having second thoughts, it’s way too late. The SJW harpies have him in their clutches. Twitter is in the stages of playing to a “More select audience” I suspect.

  2. Just today, I got a 12 hour suspension for “hateful conduct” for listing some facts about Islamic Law.

    A screen-shot of the comment they suspended me for is found in the comment in this link:

    Note: It’s shown my comment on the article where some hateful Leftist threatened high schoolers with a barbed-wire covered bat. It’s not the article itself.

  3. In order to apologize, one must accept that they have done wrong. Usually, in a thinking adult human, this is handled within their own personal belief system. Now that ‘moder’ adults rarely have spiritual beliefs, or even something that mimics a conscience, these folks are unable to recognize wrong acts and thus cannot conceive of themselves doing a wrong act so they are unable to acknowledge a wrong much less their own culpability in performing it. So an apology is an unknown thing to this current generation of post-pubescent twatwaffles!

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