Don’t Know Much Biology

Campus Reform reports that Eugene Lang College is offering a “Queer Ecologies” course this fall devoted to countering “heterosexist” explanations of animals and nature. According to the course description, students will be taught to “reimagine evolutionary processes, ecological interactions, and environmental politics in light of queer theory” by drawing from research in fields such as feminist science studies and environmental justice. It appears that the well-settled science concerning where babies come from will not be considered.

During an interview with Campus Reform, Davis explained that queer ecologies is an “interdisciplinary field that examines the relationship between sexuality and nature, thinking beyond the boundaries of assuming that heterosexuality is the norm or standard.”

The field “inquires into the sexual lives of animals, plants, and bacteria—lives that are often much more strange, adaptable, and queer than anything humans do,” she elaborated. “It also seeks to critique how heterosexuality is presumed as natural.”

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The tuition at Eugene Lang College (a part of the The New School in New York City) is $23,480 per semester.

5 thoughts on “Don’t Know Much Biology

  1. If this were true, how come we can’t find them on the evolutionary tree? Perhaps, they are part of those many bumps/dead ends we find from time to time?

  2. Universities: We’ll tell you whatever nonsense you wish to hear, and certify you heard it all for the bargain price of $200,000.

    Prostitution isn’t legal just in Nevada apparently.

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  4. Can someone please explain the term “interdisciplinary” to me? Every time I see “interdisciplinary” used, it seems as though there is a serious scientific subject that is being corrupted by some insane rambling from the fringes of society.

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