If It Looks Like a Duck …

There’s a post over at Cat Rotator’s Quarterly about finding a rubber duckie modeled on Charlemagne for sale at an Autohof. (H/T, Sarah Hoyt)

A rubber duckie version of Karl der Große from a painting by Dürer. And I recognized it at first glance, which probably means I have spent far too much time in the very early Middle Ages this past year or so.

I may have spent too much time contemplating England of the Middle Ages because when I read the post, my first reaction was, “Well, if it weighs the same as a duck, …”

7 thoughts on “If It Looks Like a Duck …

  1. Charlemagne shouldn’t have expected to wield supreme executive power just ’cause some watery tart threw a sword at him.

    OOPS, wrong King.

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