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The members of Team Kimberlin who have tried to engage in pro se lawfare have often stumbled over the meaning of Latin legal terms. Bill Schmalfeldt in particular has had trouble with other ancient languages, and I’ve had to provide translations for him as I did four years ago today.

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wmsbroadcasting201407111041ZIt’s just like the narrative in Daniel 5. A low-grade tyrant calls for a learned man to help him when he’s perplexed. I’ve got my Aramaic dictionary handy, so I can translate what it’s telling him.


MENE: Your works have been measured and are coming to an end.

TEKEL: You have been weighed in the balances and found overweight.

UPHARSIN: What’s left of your audience will be divided between Nigerian and North Korean spam bots.

Thus endeth the lesson.

Belshazzar's FeastUPDATE—William Walton wrote a musical retelling of the original story. A recording of his work is available from Amazon.

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The Gentle Reader should remember that the former GS-13 editor Cabin Boy™ once bragged that he scored a C- on an English test for non-native speakers.

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  1. He’s piled on the weight again, I see. Multiple bus trips, new full time job while still collecting disability payments for being fully disabled and unable to work because of “PD.” You know, the disease he claims he has that has him wheelchair-bound, and unable to sit upright for more than ten minutes?

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