Popehat on Kavanaugh on Free Speech

Ken White has a good review of Brett Kavanaugh’s decisions relating to the First Amendment posted at his blog.

Kavanaugh’s work on the D.C. Circuit show a judge strongly protective of free speech rights, and part of the trend of applying free speech doctrines both to classic scenarios and to government regulation. His stance on telecommunications and elections laws will get him painted as part of the “weaponize free speech” movement by results-oriented thinkers. He’s strong on First Amendment limits on defamation law and his approach to anti-SLAPP statutes do not, as some have suggested, signal that he wants to make defamation cases easier. But though he might help upset applecarts by applying the First Amendment to regulatory schemes, and will not uphold broad speech restrictions, he will likely not overturn doctrines that make it hard for individuals to recoverfor speech violations.

Read the whole thing.

2 thoughts on “Popehat on Kavanaugh on Free Speech

  1. The Political Left showed their hand by going full crazy upon hearing about Kennedy’s retirement. Trump will come across as being a moderating voice in this mid-term election cycle by NOT pushing the most conservative person for SCOTUS and I believe the folks in the political middle will see this and that it’ll impact how they vote.

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