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One of the ironclad rules of this blog’s coverage of The Saga of Team Kimberlin is that the family members of the individuals in Team Kimberlin who do not interject themselves into TK’s activities are off limits and their privacy is respected to the greatest extent possible. OTOH, Team Kimberlin views the members of my family as fair game. This post about Another Down Twinkle Stooge from five years ago shows an example of TK drivel.

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larry“Larry” has an IP address from a German ISP noted for hosting spammers. I wonder where Moe and Curly will check in from?

UPDATE—You know, “Larry’s” question deserves an answer, and the answer is, “Yes.”

And, “Larry,” I’m quite proud of my son. He’s not an idiot, not in either the medical/psychological or the colloquial sense. The medical definition of idiocy is a very low IQ that ranks in the bottom 1%. Will’s IQ is actually in the upper range of the upper 1%. Like many young men, he doesn’t have all the experience that brings wisdom with age, but he’s no fool either.

So, yes, he’s my best shot.

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Will and I had a great time together Tuesday evening at a picnic held after the installation of a plaque honoring Mrs. Hoge and her work with the Carroll County Forestry Board.

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