More Gilmore v. Jones, et al. News

Some of the parents of children who were killed during the Sandy Hook Elementary School mass shooting are suing Alex Jones for statements they allege are defamatory. Those plaintiffs are seeking to file an amicus brief in the Gilmore case.

IANAL, but when I read the proposed brief, I could not figure out what legitimate connection it had to the Gilmore case. Two of the defense lawyers agree with me.

Alex Jones may be a jerk who makes over-the-top comments, and these parents may have a valid case against him, but their alleged claims are separate from Gilmore’s alleged claims. As Aaron Walker writes,

The Undersigned Defendants recognize that the proposed amici have suffered a devastating personal loss. A parent should never have to bury his or her children, and one suspects that only those who have had to do so can imagine the pain the amici feel. However, their real pain does not entitle them to file an amicus in a case where they have nothing useful to offer this Court.

I’ll also note that these plaintiffs from Connecticut seem to have a proper grasp of personal jurisdiction and are suing Jones in Texas rather that in their home state as Gilmore is attempting.

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