What Would Buckets Do?

Buckets was the name of a neighbor’s dog when I was growing up. He was loyal and protective and very, very stupid. Buckets liked to chase cars, and he liked to chase us kids when we rode by on our bicycles. One day, I stopped and let him catch me. He was puzzled and had no idea of what to do next, but that didn’t stop him from chasing me the next time I rode by.

The Occupy ICE crowds remind me of Buckets. They’ll engage in their protests with no real understanding of what to do next if they were successful. A post over at American Thinker describes the protest in Portland this way:

Meanwhile, neighborhood businesses, including restaurants, have had to hire private security because occupiers are stealing (or “borrowing”) everything that isn’t nailed down and trespassing on businesses’ parking lots, impeding commerce.

At a number of points, the mobs have literally taken over and closed down one or more streets as the police do nothing.

This wave of insurrection aimed at ICE is one element of a broader effort to frustrate and curtail law enforcement in many other areas and to intimidate government officials.

These are people marching … no, that’s not right … lying down under banners reading “No ICE,” No Borders,” and “No Prisons.” If they have nothing to lose (or be stolen), it makes a certain kind of law-of-the-jungle sense to join such a mob. But what would they do if they won? Would they want an effective police force to protect them in their new circumstances?

If they were to win, how many of them would still be prols? There’s only so much room in the outer party, and the inner party is even more exclusive. And the inner party will be sure that there is an effective police force.

8 thoughts on “What Would Buckets Do?

  1. “And the inner party will be sure that there is an effective police force.” As long as it protected them. Even if they have to buy it themselves!

  2. It’s magical thinking all over.

    They don’t think through their actions nor consider the extended consequences.

    All-in-all, behaving like (very young) children.

    Peter Pan and the Lost Boys are not ideals to emulate. It’s time to grow up.

  3. So they went after Mitch McConnell and Elaine Chao last night as they left a restaurant.

    I have a serious and heartfelt recommendation for any right side politicos who operate in spaces (without the benefit of Secret Service protection) where they’re likely to be recognized and/or tracked by these Marxist whackjobs: Whenever one or more of these morons gets in your face and starts screaming about whatever it is they’re screaming about, make some noise of your own right back at them. It’s cheap, easy and FUN!


    • How about doing The Hokey Pokey, over and over, instead?
      It’s childish and moronic, just like they are. It’s from the White Protestant culture. It dates back to the time before slavery was abolished. It’s easy to remember, just like their mindless chants. It won’t get you sued for damaging their delicate ears, as an air-horn would.

      Best of all, it mocks their fury and their faux-serious “purpose”, and mockery is the one thing SJWs cannot abide. It will drive them over the edge.

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