They’re Not Going to Like the New Rules

John Hinderacker has a post over at PowerLine about the recent mobbing incidents of Republican officials and Maxine Waters’ call for more of the same.

We are rapidly approaching the point where there won’t be any alternative but to fight fire with fire. Where does Waters do her grocery shopping? Where does she gas up her car? Does she go out to eat? Does she attend movies or concerts? Does she walk on foot to her House office? Any time Maxine Waters is in public, why doesn’t she fear that a mob of conservatives will descend on her like the mobs of Democrats she incites?

Obviously, she relies on the knowledge that conservatives are better people than liberals and will not engage in the liberals’ contemptible tactics. But that assumption has gotten to be way too comfortable for liberals. Isn’t it about time that we act to deter further outrages from the Left, like the ones we are now seeing on a daily basis?

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I don’t endorse such harassment of anyone. Indeed, I wonder why Waters should be immune from the sort of civil actions being filed against rightwing bloggers for the acts of third parties.

Exit question for the ACLU: If the protections of Brandenburg v. Ohio don’t apply to someone who said nothing to incite violence, why should Waters and others who appear to be actively inciting mob action get a free pass?

UPDATE—Glenn Reynolds suggests that a soft civil war has already begun.

The rules of bourgeois civility also helped keep things in check, but of course those rules have been shredded for years. We may come to miss them.

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10 thoughts on “They’re Not Going to Like the New Rules

  1. I always valued consistency. They hate us. They act as if they hate us. We hate them. We act to defend the system from the corrosive effects of ever escalating tit-for-tats. It is nice enough to question the point of assuring that they eventually seize control of a nation worth taking, but, the real breakthrough is realizing being evil ought to have consequences.

  2. “UPDATE—Glenn Reynolds suggests that a soft civil war has already begun”

    It’s not going to end “soft.”

  3. I don’t think I’ve ever seen this level of vitriol from the left. Oh sure, they’ve lied and mislead and such in the past but now they are escalating to harassment and physical violence. No wonder they want us disarmed.

    • One guy on Twitter said he’s done being civil and is now coming after his opponents (or enemies or whatever) with pliers and a blowtorch. It was almost enough for me to start a Twitter account and reply, “I’ll be waiting with a Ka-bar, a .380, and an AR-15. Bring it.” (In my younger days the .380 would have been something larger, but . . .it will do the job.)
      Besides, I saw a pic of him and he doesn’t really look like he knows how to use a pliers or light a blowtorch, so there’s that.

  4. I’m going to come out and say that the violence, anger, and vitriol expresses what they know, with their remaining intellect, under the layer of hormonal suppression: they’ve lost.

    Too early for a victory lap. Any number of ways things could go wrong–Trump’s ticker could somehow ‘splode with the dawn.

    No matter. They have lost. Their carefully constructed pile of crap has come undone. They’re going to have to be rebuilt of fresh victim groups. But how?

    • Exactly this. When it was only elections they were losing, they could afford the veneer of civility. But now I think they know they’ve lost the argument.

      Like s rotten child who’s lost at checkers, they’re reduced to overturning the table.

  5. I don’t endorse such harassment of anyone.

    Generally, I share this sentiment, but I’m ready to make an exception for those who participate in or openly support this behavior.

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