First Cakes, Now Flowers

The Supreme Court of the United States today vacated the judgement of Supreme Court of the State of Washington in Washington v. Alene’s Flowers, Inc.

The state Supreme Court had ruled that the florist’s refusing her commercially marketed wedding floral services to a same-sex wedding constituted sexual orientation discrimination that was punishable under state law and that the law did not compel speech or association and did not violate the florist’s right to free exercise of her religion.

The case was remanded back to the the state court for further consideration in light of the Masterpiece Cakeshop decision.

3 thoughts on “First Cakes, Now Flowers

  1. And, the Ninth Circuit will dutifully rule that Washington state sufficient took into account the “sincerity” of their “bigoted ante-deluvian beliefs,” and, hand the case right back to the Supreme Court.

    • Probably right. The thing is we have to support these cases financially or the libs will simply run out the clock. It’s hard to fight any government, and California has proven they don’t mind filling rat holes with greenbacks!

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