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One of things that has cause a great deal of trouble for Bill Schmalfeldt is the Cabin Boy’s™ proclivity for sticking his nose into other peoples business. This sometimes happens because his grandiosity leads him think he is being talked about when, in fact, he’s being ignored. As I noted five years ago today, He’s So Vain …

* * * * *

… He actually thought those tweets were about him.

OK, folks, I was hoping to take all of Field Day off, but the stuff I’ve found while checking my email and Twitter timeline during breakfast is simply too strange to ignore. Last night, I checked Twitter during a break and found a tweet from Stacy McCain relating to an article he had posted about the weirdos, bozos, and creeps who form the core of the #FreeKate crowd. I read the article and tweeted a somewhat sardonic response.screen-shot-2013-06-22-at-9-09-47-pm

Enter Cabin Boy Bill.

Schmalfeldt has a new blog called AaronWorthing. (No, I won’t link to it.) That blog is one of the craziest I’ve ever encountered. Yesterday, his ninth post of the day complained of how Stacy and I were attacking him with those tweets—which aren’t about him.

Now, it is true that the Cabin Boy does act particularly crazy on the Internet, but, unfortunately, he isn’t the only one doing so, and he is not the only crazy person who draws comments from Stacy McCain. Or me.

* * * * *

The Cabin Boy’s™ life would have been much simpler for the last five or six years if he had kept to his own business and left people like me alone.

I’m not done with him yet.

7 thoughts on “Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

  1. RS McClain asks of you if you know anybody who act crazy on the internet. Cabin Boy bill schmalfeldt jiggles his belly and jowls up and down shouting ME! ME! ME! ME! ME! ME! ME! ME! ME! ME!

  2. It’s all too easy for we lesser mortals to forget that the centre of the universe resides inside a dumpster behind the Myrtle Beach Waffle House.

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