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The Gentle Reader who has been following The Saga of Team Kimberlin for a few years may remember that in early 2017 Bill Schmalfeldt used his position as editor of Breitbart Unmasked Bunny Billy Boy Unread to publish a series of defamatory posts accusing me of plagiarism. He used without permission material from Hogewash! in one those posts, so I filed a DMCA notice with the ISP hosting BU which resulted in BU receiving an email which read in part:

For your information, I have received the following/attached notice of copyright infringement. The infringing materials must be removed from your site within 24 hours, or under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA), we are required to block access to your site. Once we have had to do that, we cannot unblock it for a minimum of 10 days after you respond with the proper counter-notification under the DMCA or the individual submitting the notification advises us that the material has been removed.

Filing a counternotice would have required providing information concerning the actual ownership of BU and information for service of process on the owner and/or operator. Rather than give up that information, the site was moved offshore, first to Iceland and then to Holland. The Cabin Boy’s™ Breitbit News site moved to the same server at about the same time.

The other site hosted on that Dutch server is empr dot media, a Ukrainian “news” site. Of course, it could be purely coincidental, but I find it interesting that BU moved to a server hosting a Ukrainian PR website while Brett Kimberlin was working closely with a Ukrainian-American operative of the Democratic National Committee on a project to dig up dirt on the Trump Administration.


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  1. I’m not really certain why the Hmm here. This seems to be a friend of BK allowing BK to host his site on a server BK’s friend owns.

    That’s.. not really suspicious in itself. I mean, there’s been plenty of people who were willing to work with him at one time, who later came to the realization as to who and what he is.

    Lastly, well, it isn’t like BK generates any traffic, so it might not be the most important thing on the host’s mind. The most suprising part is that anyone would think BK would be of any use to anyone.

      • Like with a cloth?

        BTW, I assign all rights DMCA, copyright, GDPR, patent, LGBTQAEIOU and sometimes Y to anything and everything I’ve ever written on,, and to the respective owners of those sites.

        Any and all are free to reproduce anything, without limit, I myself have written in any book, publication, thesis, manifesto, lawsuit, dreamscape, political campaign, website or cri de couer they may or may not be writing. This assignment includes television, digital and movie rights also.

        This offer explicitly does not extend to any vexatiously litigous male shorter than 5’6″ who is hiding income from the US government or anybody without a neck. I’m willing to discuss a separate deal with any such individuals but they’ll be required to sign contracts indicating they won’t sue me.

        Offer not available in states where prohibited. If you have these or any other symptoms see your doctor. Now go have a nice day!

        • Just a question, but don’t comments on a site automatically become the property (but not the responsibility) of the site owner?

          • No. If you read the fine print (click on the link in the menu bar above), you’ll see that commenters retain the copyright to their comment, but they grant Hogewash! a royalty-free license to use them on the site and elsewhere.

  2. Zeese? Occupy DC Zeese? Occupy being an Obama joint, and Media Matters being a Clinton joint.

    Oh, and of NORML. A joint joint.

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