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A California state court judge has ruled that Taylor, et al. v. Twitter case can go forward. Jared Taylor has alleged that Twitter has violated California state law against false advertising by holding itself out as a public forum for free speech while reserving the right to ban the expression of ideas with which it disagrees. Taylor also alleges that Twitter claiming in its Terms of Service that it can ban any user any time for any reason may well be “unconscionable” and a violation of the law.

During a hearing, the judge asked if “Twitter can discriminate on the basis of religion, or gender, or sexual preference, or physical disability, or mental disability?” Counsel for Twitter conceded that it claimed that right—even though it would never exercise it. The judge denied that Twitter has such a right.

Jared Taylor is seeking to have a closed account restored.

Here’s a copy of the hearing transcript—

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  1. In a court of law, I think Taylor has no chance of losing. IN the mostly lawless courts we have today, Taylor may have little chance of winning. He should win on every level, but the appellate courts of Kalifornia tend to be outlaws.

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