13 thoughts on “Waiting Patiently

  1. So what national security concern allowed the DoJ to redact “We’ll stop him?”

    Fire them all.

    • The Left will parse the word “We’ll” for their own purposes just like Slick Willy parsed the definition of “is”.

    • Been golfing today and haven’t read the report or analysis of same, but-

      Listening to reporting on the radio, my initial impression is that the Deep State is indeed deep.

      These people all know each other, cover for each other and promote each other. DOJ/FBI is more incestuous than any Mafia family.

      Don’t know about firing them all but fire the top 3 levels of management for sure. As a start. And re-evaluate from there.

      Now. If you want to fire all of ATFE I’m totally on board with that.

  2. Its going to slap Comey but whitewash FBI as a whole, and manage to make Hillary a victim and a criminal who got away, something for everyone, you will see.

  3. This has to be put to an end. I used to think 80% of what the government did was unconstitutional. I was vastly over-optimistic.

    It is basically time to go Concord/Lexington here and take back our nation to preserve our liberty.

    I’ve had enough of these elitists. They don’t get to tell me how to live my life.

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