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For a few weeks after the blog burst on Everybody Blog About Brett Kimberlin Day, there were a few leftwing media outlets that tried to cover for or even promote Kimberlin. After a lot of fact-based pushback, that support faded away until The Dread Deadbeat Publisher Kimberlin’s only news exposure in the mainstream media was in stories about failed lawsuits against Senators or failed attempts to dig up dirt on the Trump administration. TDPK’s false narratives no longer have any traction, even among the far left.

This post from six years ago today, called In Defense of Thuggery, deals with a pro-Kimberlin article that appeared in the Huffington Post.

* * * * *

Andrew Reinbach writes at the Puffington Host that rightwing bloggers are smearing Brett Kimberlin Lord Voldemort. Either Mr. Reinbach has written without thoroughly investigating his topic or he is purposely using half-truths and, in some cases, misinformation to make his points. For example:

Some people would say Kimberlin’s done a lot of good since he got out of prison. He’s a lawyer now …

While it’s true that you can find some people who believe the Dark Lord’s activism is on the side of the angels, he certainly isn’t a member of the bar in Maryland. No convicted felon would be admitted.

Mr. Reinbach, your unsubstantiated attack on bloggers who have simply posted verifiable, factual information about a thug and his accomplices and enablers is the real smear. Shame on you!

* * * * *

Andrew Reibach is still with Huff Po, and they have never taken down his piece about TDPK. They have never published a correction.

9 thoughts on “Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

  1. “They have never published a correction.”

    Seems even the most made up nonsense has only a 50/50 chance of being corrected – if you’re optimistic.

  2. He seems to *think* he’s a lawyer. Or at least as good as one, a conceit held by others as well.

  3. Speaking of Brett;

    In an exclusive report, Lee Stranahan highlighted a Facebook post by operative Alexandra Chalupa made the day after the 2016 election where Chalupa said: “Homeland Security / DOJ teamed up with a group that is part of Anonymous based in Washington D.C. called “The Protectors.”

    bill schmalfeldt should do a story on this if he was a real reporter, oh that’s right he is neck less deep involved it this crap.

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