Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

The Dread Deadbeat Performer Kimberlin’s music has been a subject of pointage, laughery, and mockification at this blog for years. The TKPOTD from five years ago today is an example.

* * * * *

Brett Kimberlin has had a desire for a career in the music business for decades. Between his first release from prison on his bombing sentence and when his parole was revoked, he tried to make it as a rock musician. Mark Singer tells of how he started Brettsongs, a publishing company, and put together a demo tape and promotional package.

Brett is American; he grew up on rock and roll in a musical family. At odds with the right-wing Administration during the 1980’s, he was jailed as a political prisoner. While there, he experienced first-hand suffering of the underclass and the cynicism of governments. He became a champion for those less fortunate and rose above the evil around him.

It was while in prison that Brett wrote 29 “Songs of Passion.” These songs will resonate in the hearts of people throughout the world because of their insight, honesty and directness. Moreover, many of them will, through controversy, raise the consciousness  of people everywhere. Brett’s combination of social conscience and anger, as represented  in the songs, brings comparisons to Lennon and Sting.

—”Song of Passion” Promotional Package quoted in Citizen K, p.306

I don’t know that I have ever heard any of those 29 song, so I can’t say how they resonate, but there were several items in that puff piece that struck a chord with me. The chord contained a flatted fifth.

Political prisoner? Not really. Brett Kimberlin was convicted of smuggling dope and bombing charges. I don’t care what country in the world you pick; get caught doing either of those things, and you’ll spend a long time in jail—if they don’t execute you.

Raise the consciousness … Oh, goodness! That’s a feminist term that was spun out of the Marxist idea of false consciousness.

Comparisons to Lennon and Sting? Perhaps, but certainly not favorable ones.

OK, it’s an advertising piece, and it’s puffery, but … oh, never mind.

* * * * *

A legend in his own mind, but a false narrative nonetheless.

3 thoughts on “Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

  1. “Moreover, many of them will, through controversy, raise the consciousness of people everywhere.”

    Yeah, writing songs about perving on teens will generate plenty of controversy… and raise the conscious of folk who want you nowhere near their daughters.

    Brett is just a pervy little hobbit who couldn’t carry a tune in a bucket. His songs are unoriginal, talentless bilge… which is probably why Fifi the tone deaf poodle defends him.

    They both suck… at music and in life.

    • I doubt if he could carry a tune if you shot it dead, bolted handles on it, and strapped it to his. back.

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