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One of the false narratives that the Dread Deadbeat Prevaricator Kimberlin tried to spin up during the time when the unconstitutional peace order restricting Aaron Walker’s speech concerning TDPK was still in place was that Kimberlin had himself been the victim of a SWATting. I wrote a post six years ago today that expressed my disbelief of his claim. He’s referred to as “Lord Voldemort” because of his “he who must not be named” peace order.

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Brett Kimberlin Lord Voldemort is claiming that he was SWATted on 31 May. Velvet Revolution is offering a $10,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the SWATter.

Uh, huh.

It will be interesting to see what police records show about a response to his residence on that date.

UPDATE–Meanwhile, 85 Members of Congress (all Republicans) are asking for a federal investigation of SWATting.

UPDATE 2–If Lord Voldemort was SWATted on 31 May, why is there no mention of it in ABC’s 6 June story on SWATting? Surely, the Dark Lord would have mentioned it, and if he did, surely ABC would have thought it newsworthy.


UPDATE 3–Lee Stranahan posts the following statement (H/T, @rsmccain) from the Montgomery County Government public information office:

I searched our 911 call database for the above listed address. There was no call listed for 5/31, nor anything similar to what you described. I then searched each of our 6 districts for the entire day of 5/31 for a murder in progress, murder just occurred or murder occurred earlier call with negative results. I then spoke with our director to determine if this type of incident was brought to his attention recently and it was not. If your research proliferates any further detail that would help us to narrow down the search, please let me know. I can always check another address if you find one, but for the time being, I don’t see anything similar to what you described.

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Stupid? Dishonest? Inept?

This is clearly a case where it’s appropriate to embrace the power of AND.

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