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There’s one thing about Team Kimberlin that’s fully transparent: their lies. As the TKPOTD from five years ago shows, they’re easy to see through.

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Those of you who have been following the Saga of The Dread Pirate Kimberlin and his crew for a while know that Team Kimberlin has a fanboy that I call Mr. Down Twinkles. Actually, I believe that he’s member of the crew engaging at a lame attempt at sock puppetry.

Of late, Mr. Down Twinkles has been hitting the thumbs down button four times over a short time period for each entry. Visitors get one vote per entry. The vote can be changed from up to down or down to up, but there’s only one vote per customer.BoobyTrap

Of course, logging in with multiple identities from multiple IPs is one way to trick the system into allowing multiple votes. or Comcast Kryptotel WestHost FortaTrust USA


UPDATE—This comment was submitted on 11 May at 4:42 pm ET.


This comment was submitted on 20 May at 8:32

This comment was submitted on 24 May at 7:17 am. WestHost runs

These two attempts were trapped in the spam filter. They were submitted later in the day on the 25th. The IP address is assigned to FortaTrust USA Corporation.FortaTrustI’m posting these attempted comments because I’ve received yet another from Bill Schmalfeldt claiming that my banning of his comments is unfair and that he only uses one IP address.

Uh, huh.

Here’s the log information for today’s attempted comment.comcast2

elderwilliamHere’s the log information from an attempt caught in the spam filter on 26 May. See if you notice any similarities. Yep, the email address on both is, and the website URL is the same on both as well.

However, the originating IPs are different. Today’s missive originated via a Comcast server. The comment caught by the spam filter originated from the same FortaTrust IP as comments caught on the 25th.

Although he has used the elderwilliam identity several times since the comments caught as spam, those were the first use of that ID in anything I received. Thus, I conclude that it is likely that Schmalfeldt sent those comments via the FortaTrust server.

UPDATE 2—BTW, the original post does not mention Bill Schmalfeldt. So why did he feel the need to respond to it?

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Proverbs 28:1.

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  1. Why does he even feel the need to get the attention of these bloggers? Isn’t that rather narcissistic of him? (Rhetorical question, obviously.) If he doesn’t want us to indulge in PLM, then why does he keep interrupting with these silly tricks?

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