1 thought on “President Trump Tweets

  1. Exactly.
    January 2017 – the NYT publishes a front page article stating that Trump had been wiretapped.
    March 2017 – Trump tweets that he had been wiretapped.
    The media and pundits and deranged cyberstalkers spent the next 14 months gaslighting us, denying this, and attacking POTUS’s mental health on national TV.
    They were denying this last week.
    Now, to get ahead of the two upcoming IG reports, the bad actors are leaking like crazy, and admitted the spying operation.

    As Andrew MCarthy explains, this whole operation was illegal. It is illegal to use FISA warrants, etc., the way they were used in this case.

    The point is, because Trump tweets, it kept the story alive until the truth could start to break.

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