It’s Coming

The Washington Examiner reports that

The Justice Department inspector general has finalized a draft of the report examining how the FBI, under James Comey, handled its investigation into former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s unauthorized email server.

Inspector General Michael Horowitz told members of Congress that a draft of the report has been provided to top officials at the Justice Department and the FBI, and that they have been asked to look over the report to identify classified information.

Tick, tock.

13 thoughts on “It’s Coming

  1. Let’s just hope the IG has more integrity then the rest of the weasels at the top of the FBI.

  2. THIS is the second IG report. The first dealt with McCabe. The third will deal with FISA abuses by the FBI, DOJ, and intelligence community.

    • Yup. Of course, Trump has the authority to unredact, and should.
      In other news, the deranged cyberstalker has opened yet another Twitter account. What are we at, 231?

  3. I think this deserves its own post:

    “The scandal is that the FBI, lacking the incriminating evidence needed to justify opening a criminal investigation of the Trump campaign, decided to open a counterintelligence investigation. With the blessing of the Obama White House, they took the powers that enable our government to spy on foreign adversaries and used them to spy on Americans — Americans who just happened to be their political adversaries.” – Andrew McCarthy, former AUSA who prosecuted the Blind Sheik (not an unemployed malingerer)

    • What McCarthy has not yet addressed, to my knowledge, is that there is quite a bit of evidence that certain Russians, Brits, Canadians, and Aussies supported Team Obama in these illegal activities.

      • You know that whole thing about US Intel agencies can NOT spy on Americans?

        The way they get around that is to ask our allies, usually The Brits, to do the spying. And then hand the results over. True gouge.

      • I would like Trump to go directly to the British, Canadian, and Australian governments and demand that they acknowledge any contacts from the American government to provide any of their respective intelligence on American candidates, and report any cooperation and/or participation in the spying upon American candidates by their intelligence services. He should further note that such cooperation will be discovered from the American side, eventually, and that failure to be candid and forthcoming will have consequences.

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