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  1. It also appears that the Judge is a hypocrite. On one hand, he grants Aaron a surreply. On the other hand, he grants the consolidated schedule.before reading his surreply in opposition to granting a scheduling order. If that doesn’t moot the surreply, what does? He could have been transparent about it and denied it as moot, but he didn’t.

  2. Nor, did the Judge give any indication that he understood the basic argument in Aaron’s opposition to the motion for consolidating the briefing schedule. Aaron noted that the lawsuit is fatally flawed in that Federal Courts in Virginia simply do not have jurisdiction over the defendants, and, that any delays in hearing his motion to dismiss will needlessly drag out the case. The Judge mocked that argument by belittling the notion that two months is too long. That doesn’t give the impression of a hearing before a fair and impartial arbiter.

    • And, by drag out the case, I mean that the other defendants, and the Court, will be burdened with the cost and complexity of crafting and reading a motion to dismiss by the defendants other than Aaron’s clients.

    • Granting the surreply was a win for Aaron’s defendants, especially Lee Stranahan, because it puts evidence in the record that shows that the plaintiff has alleged that a legally blind defendant has a driver’s license. That can’t help the plaintiff’s or his lawyer’s credibility.

  3. And the court is concerned about having IT’s time wasted. Other people’s time, not so much.

  4. Sombody help Aaron draft a surreply that makes the above very plain, very briefly. The jurisdiction issue just kills the suit against those defendants. The amended complaint doesn’t and never could cure that flaw.

  5. “Judge Moon” rung a bell.

    A Google search of Moon returned a front page magazine article, which didn’t link, entitled “Fear the Judiciocracy.”

    My recollection is that he was not merely a bad judge, but, outright evil. That’s an odd recollection to have.

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