2 thoughts on “A Swarm of Black Holes

  1. I have frequently had an idea in my head that may or may not be tangentially in your realm. Let’s start with the Lord telling His people that the Earth is His footstool and the Heavens his throne. Add in Einstein’s work, showing massive objects like the Earth and Sun actually bend spacetime.

    My idea, the way I’ve described it, with the “all times are ‘now'” frame of reference is like a parade. We’re standing along the streets, watching it slowly play out before us, while the Lord is above it, seeing it all at the same time.

    If the Almighty were an object, how massive and dense would that object have to be for Einstein’s work to make all times “now”? And would that cause space to also all be “here”? And would that also require multiple dimensions beyond the 3 spatial dimensions plus time that we’re certain of?

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