Jupiter’s Magnetosphere

This visualization shows a simplified model of Jupiter’s magnetosphere, designed to illustrate the scale,  basic features of the structure, and impacts of the magnetic axis (cyan arrow) offset from the planets axis of rotation (blue arrow). It was derived by taking a fresh look at data from the Galileo mission which ended in 2003.

Video Credit: NASA

3 thoughts on “Jupiter’s Magnetosphere

  1. what are the bulges at the equatorial point in some of the arcs? I would think the magnetic arcs would be a smooth curve. Wonder what can distort the field at those points?

    • The answer you seek is the Jupiter moon: Io

      If you want to see one seriously butt ugly moon search for pics of “Io”. It is super ugly because of the special relationship it has with Jupiter. The immense tidal forces caused by Jupiter’s immense size and Io’s close orbit result in Io being flexed like so much putty in the tidal forces of Jupiter. It gets flexed so much that Io’s interior is molten which results in a magnetic field (which explains why Jupiter’s magnetic field lines are bulged at Io’s orbit AND the resulting sulfur volcano’s on Io’s surface which gives it the title of ugliest freakin’ moon in the solar system!

      MSG Grumpy

    • Also please notice the yellow tube that highlights the orbit of Io, this may well represent the sulfur Ions that have been ejected into space from the sulfur volcanoes on Io and are trapped in orbit around Jupiter.

      MSG Grumpy

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