Gilmore v. Jones, et al. LOLsuit News

The group of defendants represented by Aaron Walker in the Gilmore LOLsuit have filed the following motion to dismiss Gilmore’s amended complaint.

The lawyers handling Gilmore’s suit, which appears to be aimed at suppressing the defendant’s civil rights related to free expression, are associated with the Civil Rights Law Clinic of the Georgetown University Law Center. Tuition at the Georgetown University Law Center is $59,850 per academic year.

10 thoughts on “Gilmore v. Jones, et al. LOLsuit News

    • A vast majority of that $180k for a law degree (assuming the 3 year law degree hasn’t become 4 akin to a BS being a 6 year degree anymore) is the price you pay to have connections by going to Georgetown.

  1. I wonder if the Georgetown University Alumni community is aware of the details of this suit? How about the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism and its alumni? Based on what I have read about this case, it seems like a complete waste of resources to bring this suit. Time will tell.

  2. Good show Aaron!

    However I should note that you’ve failed to mis-spell your name anywhere in the motion, which I’m assured, by legal experts in South Carolina, is a sure-fire tactic for success.

    • Meanwhile, an obnoxious harasser who fantasizes about violating Cub Scouts and abandons pets is unemployed.

    • He may not have misspelled his name, but I am reliably informed that he consistently mispronounces it in his head when proofreading.

      Innat right, Ay-ay-ron?

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