Saturn, Rings, and Moons

Cassini snapped this picture with its narrow-angle camera. It shows Saturn and its rings seen here nearly edge on. The image also shows the moons Mimas (above the rings), tiny Janus (apparently almost in the rings), and Tethys (below the rings). “Above” and “below” the rings is a matter of perspective. All three moons and the rings orbit Saturn in roughly the same plane.

Image Credit: NASA

2 thoughts on “Saturn, Rings, and Moons

  1. Well that raises an photographic question: If the satellites all orbit in roughly the same plane, and the apparent perspective is on that plane (the rings appear as a line); how is the offset of the moons explained?

    Not doubt, confusion.

    • I’d guess that the operative word in the caption is “nearly.” Even a small angle will produce large apparent separation, given enough distance.

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