Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

The Dreadful Pro-Se Schmalfeldt tweeted this three years ago today, shortly after filing LOLsuit V.

* * * * *

* * * * *

As with so much of the Cabin Boy’s™ frothing at the keyboard, that tweet didn’t age well.

6 thoughts on “Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

  1. Ah, Tough Guy Bill. The Shot-Caller. The one who could, on a whim, cost people their livelihoods.


    “Oh boo hoo hoo, you meanies cost me my job! How DARE you tell my employers alll the stupid things I’ve said! How DARE you show them the many many restraining orders against me (there are perfectly good explanations for each and every one so, ergo, therefore, you see, it’s DEFAMATORY to bring them up!). How DARE you copy and paste actual interactions between me and other people that make me look like a nutshuffling crank who cannot get along with anyone with a greater sense of decency (ie “anyone”) and is pretty much the LAST person you want as part of any team.”

    What a fall. I mean, he was already punching up against his “enemies” but just when you think he can;t get any lower, here he comes with a shovel.

    • “restraining orders” “good explanations”

      He only had one: the plaintiffs told lies and he could not get to the hearings (Fake Parkinsons! cough cough) to prove they were lies so the restraining order charges were undefended.

      Hey, wasn’t there a hearing in North Carolina where he did show up to defend himself and he got the restraining orders anyway? And one of the restraining orders CONCLUDED HE WAS A TODDLERSTALKER!

      Oops! A “good defense” led to the same result as a lack of defense/default. How can that be?

      Bill Schmalfeldt has “collected” over 12 restraining orders / peace orders / harassment prevention orders in at least 5 states from at least 5 different judges.

      Oh yeah, the judges, they ALL got it wrong.

      • He just couldn’t understand that yes, his actions were harassment and stalking. And that the judge agreed with me that they were. Because of COURSE the judge was prejudiced against him. Or something. And he’s gonna appeal! Oh wait. He didn’t.

  2. Back in the one state who leads the country in prosecuting child pornographers…..


  3. Woeful Willy’s “warnings” about tangling with him are pretty pathetic. In general, when dealing with him I’d warn people to “be very careful” just like I would when warning them to not step in fresh dog poo. It won’t really hurt you, but the effort involved in removing the poo and the stink is sunk cost.

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