Who’s on First?

Or rather, “Who will get indicted first?” There’s a post over at The American Thinker that offers a list of people whose names are likely to be mentioned in the Department of Justice Inspector General’s report due later this month. It is separates those who should be indicted but won’t be from those who will probably be indicted but may not be. Barack Obama—mishandling of classified information (18 USC §798), obstruction of a criminal investigation (18 USC §1510) with respect to emails sent to and received from Hillary personal server, and obstruction of a criminal investigation (18 USC §1510)—head the first list. James Comey—making false statements under oath (18 USC §1001), mishandling of classified information (18 USC §798) (memos shared with Daniel Richman and Patrick Fitzgerald), and unauthorized disclosure (leaking) of sensitive FBI information (26 USC §7213)—leads the second.

Had Comey not wanted to be the “corpse at every funeral, the bride at every wedding and the baby at every christening,” these shenanigans would still be secret.

Read the whole thing.

1 thought on “Who’s on First?

  1. Felonia Von Pantsuit and Comey. The Lightbringer is untouchable.

    I’d like to see Trump PARDON Hillary. Tell the country, “Guilty as hell, Ms. Clinton violated black letter law. But I won’t want to set the precedent whereby a new administration jails members of the prior administration.” Heads would explode. Y’all do recall suggestions that Obama DOJ prosecute George W. Bush for ‘war crimes’, right? Didn’t go anywhere.

    Comey should be tried and sentenced. Lock him up. Now if only there was a way to ensure Brett Kimberlin is his cellmate… That’s a suggestion, not defamation. Don’t sue me Brett.

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