This Is Why We Have The First Amendment

The Police in the UK have issued the following statement in response to criticism of that country’s government to allow a child to die of asphyxiation.This is a typical response from this side of the Atlantic—

There should be a special place in Room 101 reserved for that Chief Inspector where he would be faced with what he fears the most—disobedient citizens.

8 thoughts on “This Is Why We Have The First Amendment

  1. Many US citizens have no clue just how good they have it in terms of liberty. It took me living outside the US for years and seeing things like this to make me appreciate coming back.

  2. The authorities over there are very very fortunate that they disarmed the populace before trying to do things like this. Else, they’d be swinging from lamp poles.

  3. A friend and colleague of mine spent a couple of months in his birth country, Germany visiting his family about 10 years ago. He came to the US as man of 25 or so, 20 years ago. He flew into Toronto then drove to Michigan. He said he saw the US flag as he came up to the bridge and entry port and had tears in his eyes as he thought, “Home!! My God, I’m coming home!!”
    There are lots of “real Americans” who happen to be born in other countries.

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