Disproving a Lie

Byron York has a post over at the Washington Examiner dealing with a Democrat talking point about the infamous Steele dossier: nothing in the dossier has been “disproven.”

“Setting aside the absurd and patently unfair ‘guilty until proven innocent’ standard that thinking requires, it also ignores the fact that the FBI has never tried to disprove it,” Republican Rep. John Ratcliffe, a former federal prosecutor who now serves on the House Judiciary Committee, said in a recent text exchange. “When the president asked the FBI to do exactly that, one of Jim Comey’s secret memos documents the response: [Comey] told him it is ‘very difficult to disprove a lie.'”

Yes, it is. And that’s something to keep in mind whenever someone suggests the dossier is worthwhile because it hasn’t been proven false.

Yeah, well, the claims in the dossier are extraordinary, and as the saying goes, extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof. It isn’t up to President Trump and his associates to disprove anything. The burden of proof is on Steele, GPS Fusion, and others touting the dossier. They haven’t proven anything.

Read the whole thing.


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