32 thoughts on “I’m Not Making This Up, You Know

  1. Won’t discovery require that they give up their servers to real experts to examine? I used to think the GOP was the Stupid Party. Now I’m not so sure.

  2. PFHAHAHAHA! Whoever drafted this unprofessional bombastic screed may just be a bigger lulz-cow than the fail-whale!

  3. The Democrat National Committee is suing the Russian General Staff? That’s likely several hundred people… Seems to me it would have been easier to sue just Putin (only-).

  4. I have to say, that complaint contains a level of crazy I’m only used to seeing from The Pedo Kimberlin and Stolen Valor Schmalfeldt’s efforts. Congrats DNC, you can now officially join Team Pedo.

  5. I would’ve said something on twitter except my account seems dead there. The hordes are already thinking this will lead to a Clinton restoration. This bodes ill and doesn’t contribute to judicial economy.

  6. A commenter on Instapundit pointed out:

    A) They demand a jury.
    B) They are suing foreign sovereigns. The law that covers that precludes a jury trial.

    And that’s just the caption…

  7. I will say, though, John Does 1-10 sounds more professional than John Doe, Jane Doe, Polly Poe, Rolly Roe, etc.

    So at least on Page 1, they manage to outperform Bill Schmalfelt. So they got that going for them, which is nice…

  8. FYI, I’m up to page 16, and we got footnote 15.

    Lots of things being asserted without evidence. It’s like they learned about Twombley in Kimbergarten…

  9. OK, Page 34 per Adobe, I believe 32 in the actual complaint:
    This is a perrenial complaint I have.

    Full disclosure, I don’t like Trump, I voted Libertarian, and frankly between him and his VP I regret not just leaving the line blank. I view Trump as better than Clinton, mostly due to his incompetence with the levers of power. While I’m glad he won, I’m not glad we didn’t have better choices. I was a Cruz missile.

    Anyway, “and just one hour after the release of the infamous Hollywood Access recording in which Trump admitted to sexually assaulting women.” is a pet peeve of mine.

    I’ve watched the tape. He’s referring to women looking at wealth and power as aphrodisiacs. Dark Helmet summed it up nicely in Spaceballs!.

    It’s like referring to a woman as “leading him around by his balls” but with more challenges in making it literally true.

    • I’ve seen a number of references that the DNC was severely crippled, financially, by both Obama and Clinton (the term ‘parasitized’ came up). It may be their funds are depleted thanks to those two.

  10. You accuse the Russians of spying, hacking, and conspiring.
    You sue the Russians, thereby legally giving them access to your sooper secret stuff.
    Can’t make up this idiocy.

  11. How come Team Themis didn’t make the defendant’s list? Or Krendler? Or the guy should laid to pipe to Wee Willy’s ex-wife on his birthday? Or the curb that attacked Bill’s tires? Or the plaque that destroyed the inflate a mates teeth? Surely Brett’s VIP status with the DNC would have meant they make the list. LOL

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