A Setback for Neal Rauhauser

The Dread Deadbeat Pirate Kimberlin’s First Mate Neal Rauhauser thought he’d struck it rich with a sanctions award in the Texas Bullyville lawsuit.

Wrong. James McGibney appealed. (H/T, Karma’s Concierge)Everything is proceeding as I have foreseen.

UPDATE—Click here for background on this case.

15 thoughts on “A Setback for Neal Rauhauser

  1. Here is the appeal brief that appears to have succeeded:


    The blurb indicates he won outright on the judicial order of an apology[vacated], the confiscation of nealrauhauser.com/net, the $150,000 punitive award[gone], and a review of attorney fees.

    The plea asks that attorney fees be limited to the $1,500 Rauhauser paid. I don’t know if that was what was meant by in part, but, one of possibilities is that Rauhauser will be awarded exactly $1,500 dollars. That would be less than his having to pay the costs of the appeal.

  2. Is there a chance that Bill has risen from Omega to Beta man? (Man….yeah, yeah, yeah, I know). Looks like he is oppressing the Inflate-A-Boy and not adopting xis last name but instead forcing xim to accept the patriarchal hegemony and take his last name.

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