Law Schools v. First Amendment

The recent reports of law students at CUNY shouting down a speaker on campus seem to be part of a troubling trend of opposition to citizens’ civil rights secured by our Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and subsequent amendments. CUNY Law’s National Lawyers Guild chapter tweeted that “free speech” activists are “not welcome at our PUBLIC INTEREST school.” Assuming they can pass a bar exam, these students will become the lawyers and judges who will be charged with protecting those rights. I don’t find that encouraging.

Further, the misbehavior of those CUNY students is not an isolated incident, and the support they have received from their school’s dean is not out of line with the actions of staff and faculty at other law schools. Consider that the law firm representing the plaintiff in the Gilmore v. Jones, et al. defamation lawsuit is the Civil Rights Clinic at the Georgetown University Law Center. An academic civil rights clinic is attacking the First Amendment?

The mind boggles.

Or it would have a few years ago.

2 thoughts on “Law Schools v. First Amendment

  1. What is frightening is that the anti Trump mood might elect a left wing a Democrat like Harris, Booker or Sanders. It could be the end of the First Amendment. I will lose my speech and hate speech will reign. I will suggest radical Islam is frightening and be arrested. I go to Canada next month and have to be careful.

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