Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

Three years ago today, Hogewash! ran an Irony Alert that dealt with Bill Schmalfeldt’s frustration with the Howard County States’ Attorney’s Office when he sought protection from an alleged harasser. They told the Cabin Boy™ to “get off the Internet” if he wanted the harassment to stop.

* * * * *

Leaving aside the fact that the “harassment” the Cabin Boy™ thinks he has experienced was actually pushback against the harassment he has dished out, it’s interesting to see that Howard County’s idea of the equal protection of the laws is to tell him the essentially the same thing that they told the Walker family when they sought protection from Schmalfeldt’s online harassment.

* * * * *


2 thoughts on “Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

    • Bill Schmalfeldt is too stupid and lazy to correct why he is being ShadowBanned on Twitter. The ShadowBan also goes to show he is not willing to put in the effort to develop an audience for his brand of humor. Since Schmalfeldt been on Twitter, he has had more than enough time to develop an audience to make a small income. He has chosen to harass people instead and will continue to harass people until he is ground into the dust. No mercy, no quarter should be given to Schmalfeldt. Schamlfeldt’s fate should be permanent incarceration with no Internet access.

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