His 15 Minutes of Fame Just Ran Out

David Hogg’s usefulness as a progressive prop has not only expired, it has backfired. The NRA’s membership is spiking upward, and so are Laura Ingraham’s ratings. Now, polling is beginning to show that concern for gun rights is increasing the likelihood of increased Republican turnout for the fall elections.

Game over.

7 thoughts on “His 15 Minutes of Fame Just Ran Out

  1. The kid just lacked a a rectal mouthpiece like Kimby got himself. Yessir, old Bill Schmalfeldt of Under the Overpass SC would have been just the man to rocket young David to the pinnacle of success.

    • The kid IS the mouthpiece. One of the most important roles in the news as a source of propaganda is to find the guy who will give the answers you want in front of the camera. It helps if he’s your side’s JFK vs the opponent’s Richard Nixon. Or, you know, Ted Baxter. The guy who can read whatever you put in front of him and look relatively good doing it… but little else. And woe be unto you if what you put in front of him isn’t right, because he’d never notice.

  2. Maybe Hogg can spend his year off earning enough money for a chin implant. (He’s 18 now, so I can say mean things about him, right?)

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