Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

Only one claim in one of the federal LOLsuits filed by Team Kimberlin in the past six years has made it past a motion to dismiss. That was the civil rights claim against Patrick Frey that survived when the original RICO Madness LOLsuit degenerated into the RICO Remnant LOLsuit. Three years ago today, Hogewash! published Patrick Frey’s answer to that LOLsuit.

* * * * *

Ron Coleman, the lawyer representing Patterico in the remaining embers of The Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin’s Kimberlin v. The Universe, et al. RICO Madness, has filed the following answer to TDPK’s second amended complaint.

The money quote is in paragraph 147.

* * * * *

The answer to paragraph 152 is pretty good too.

7 thoughts on “Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

  1. The number of times Brett Kimberlin has submitted lies & fabrications in his Court filings is almost as amazing as the fact that when shown proof of these lies, the Courts have done absolutely nothing to him. Ever.

  2. All these re-runs lead me to some interesting speculations.

    1) Team Sawed-Off Pedo Bomber is laying low, planning something big… which will fail spectacularly, as always.

    2) Our Gracious Host has something of his own brewing, which will be revealed in the fullness of time.

    3) Our Gracious Host is waiting for Team Sawed-Off Pedo Bomber to do something stupid, and wants to make sure we’re all watching and waiting.

    4) Our Gracious Host wants everyone to remember that He’s Not Done With Them Yet.

    5) All of the above.

    In the meantime, let me applaud Our Gracious Host for bringing back this gem, and more applause for Masters Patterico and Coleman for what should be one of the most delightfully brutal legal filings I’ve ever seen.

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