Jupiter’s Dynamo

Data collected by the Juno spacecraft has provided information on the dynamo powering Jupiter’s magnetic field. Red areas in this animation show where magnetic field lines emerge from the planet. Blue areas show where they return.

Video Credit: NASA

1 thought on “Jupiter’s Dynamo

  1. I don’t understand the endedness of magnetic fields. In absence of ions that would flow because of the polarity of the field, I don’t think either side would normally be considered emitting or receiving? I mean, if you stuck a bar magnet out in a true endless void, the magnetic field would still exist, but there wouldn’t be such a thing as a flow. If there were such a thing, the field itself should reasonably cease to be fairly quickly.

    I guess what I’m asking is, are the words “emerge” and “return” used purely based on how the field moves other things?

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