13 thoughts on “Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

  1. The convicted Speedway Bomber Brett Kimberlin is an absolutely disgusting human being. The smug look on his face in the WTHR story says it all, he is a sociopath who cares nothing of others. He seems to almost enjoy the results his actions have had against the victims of his crimes and harassment. I wonder if WTHR reporter Rich Van Wyk is aware that Brett has NOT paid Carl DeLong’s widow the amount awarded to her by the Court decades ago?

    email: rvanwyk@wthr.com
    twitter: @VanwykWTHR
    IG: @RichVanWyk

    • Yeah, what struck me the most (and a lot of the video hit me emotionally) was the smug and almost thrilled look on Kimberlin’s face. Needless to say, his attitudes have NOT changed in 40 years.

      And now I feel old. I’m not much older than the bombings, but realizing they were four decades ago? Yeesh. It’s almost as bad as my youngest turning 17 this week. And she wonders why I have so many grey and white hairs. They’re all from her!

  2. Never forget that in 1978, convicted bomber and perjurer, Brett Kimberlin set off 8 bombs in 6 days including one in a high school parking lot after a football game. This should be posted all over the internet on every anniversary of the bombings.

    Now he gets upset when people state the truth about him.

    Carl DeLong and Julia Scyphers were unavailable for comment.

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