Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

One of the routine sources of pointage, laughery, and mockification from Team Kimberlin is the amazingly shoddy lies which the get caught telling. This was the Prevarication Du Jour from a year ago today.

* * * * *

The Cabin Boy™ sometimes lies by telling part of the truth.It’s true that there is no readily available public document which contains a statement under oath from Bill Schmalfeldt in which he swears he is Paul Krendler. However, if one files a properly targeted Freedom of Information Act request, one can obtain a document in which he swears that he is the author of a book whose writer claims to be Paul Krendler.

I’ll just throw out some breadcrumbs for the astute Gentle Reader to follow.

Back in October, 2015, the Cabin Boy™ used CreateSpace, the print-to-order service run by Amazon, to self-publish a book titled Confessions of an Undercover Internet Troll. It contained some material plagiarized from this blog. I filed an infringement notice with Amazon, and after a bit of a tug-of-war with Schmalfeldt, Amazon and CreateSpace dropped the book.

During the brouhaha, Schmalfeldt put a post up on his now-defunct The Merry Widowerblog called Time for Me to Come Clean on Undercover Troll. He admitted being the book’s “anonymous” author and threatened me with the direst of dire direness if I did not relent in my attempt to have the book pulled. He assured both his readers that the book would be available again within two weeks and that I would be facing a $2,500 fine. He posted a screen shot from his copyright registration transaction for the book to prove his claim. Here’s a portion of the online receipt he posted.Gentle Reader, if you go to the copyright online search page, you will find that no copyright registration has yet been issued for the book. There are three possible explanations. One, the registration could still be in process, but that is unlikely after a year-and-a-half. Two, the Cabin Boy™ might have been smart enough to withdraw the application for registration. Three, the registration was denied. Whichever is correct, there is a case number associated with the application, the possible use for which is left to the astute Gentle Reader to surmise.

UPDATE—Of course, I can’t publish an extract of the Cabin Boy’s™ post that I refer above because of our 2014 Settlement Agreement. However, it appears that the post was archived here.

* * * * *

I’m not through with him yet.

UPDATE—The Cabin Boy™ has abandoned the domain where he posted the image above, and it appears that the domain is now being used for porn. Please take note of the warning in the comment section below.

4 thoughts on “Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

  1. I’m looking forward to the yuge amount of primo PLM material that will be available when the Cabin Boy begins his new employment. Although, based on his interactions the past week I’m not totally convinced he will make it to day 1. The more people learn about Bill Schmalfeldt and his despicable actions, the more people condemn him.

  2. We can all just sit back and watch as Bill he ties the noose around his neck at his new place of employment, and eventually kicks out the chair from under his feet. He never learns. We just have to sit back and watch the newest failure.

  3. Yikes. Even in the archived page on, do NOT click on the image of the purported copyright registration. It takes you to pornographic and/or malware sites. It’s actually kind of an odd onclick event listener, but I’m not about to pick it apart. Too risky. Now that the link of the archive on is risky doesn’t in itself prove Mr. Schmalfeldt deliberately includes harmful links in his content. I understand he’s denied that in the past. This archive, to the extent that it is accurate, suggests otherwise.

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