Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

The members of Team Kimberlin tell flimsy lies that are quickly found out. Consider the fib at the center of the TKPOTD from one year ago today.

* * * * *

Yesterday was a very long day for me in the Real World, and I went to bed early last night. This morning I found this in my Twitterz— I sincerely doubt that the “CPD” has been in touch with Patrick Grady or that Patrick has admitted to the vandalism that the Cabin Boy™ claims occurred at his new digs in Iowa. I’ve got a C-note that says Schmalfeltdt is spinning up an imaginary crime so that he can have his very own fake news to report at Breitbart Unmasked Bunny Billy Boy Unread. I doubt that I would lose that bet if someone were foolish enough to take it.

BTW, I wonder when I suggested to Patrick that someone should go to Clinton, Iowa, to harass the Cabin Boy™. I know that I have not spoken to him since he was in Maryland in 2014 for the peace order hearing that Schmalfeldt chickened out on. I last time I sent him an email was in April, 2016. I’m pretty good at foreseeing stuff, but the Cabin Boy’s™ move to Clinton was not on my radar back then.

Of course, that tweet is defamatory, but it will eventually disappear. Most likely, the Cabin Boy™ will take it down when he realizes he’s be caught in another lie, or it will go away when his current Twitter account is suspended. However, it’s unlikely that he has sufficient integrity to take it down and replace it with a retraction and apology.

Lying liars gotta lie.

* * * * *

It’s interesting that the Cabin Boy™ is moving back to Iowa a year after he filed that police report. The Iowa statute of limitation on a false police report is one year. OTOH, Iowa’s civil statute of limitations on defamation is two years.

17 thoughts on “Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

    • It seems unlikely, but he may be too stupid to get (not earn) a gender studies degree. For one thing, I doubt if he could keep his fat, stupid mouth shut in class and would make his misogyny clear to all.

  1. It’s one of the most hilarious of his antics. He ALWAYS, always, ALWAYS, tries that one. Since he is so terribly cowardly himself, he assumes that everyone else is equally terrified of the police and other authority figures, and his utterly transparent lies will ‘break’ someone into implicating another. Even more so when there’s simply nothing to implicate.

    • Yes. Remember that he tweeted about peeing his pants when he was served by the cops. He, himself, broadcast that incident all over the internet. Anyone have the screen cap?

  2. Speaking of tires, my sister hit the club this morning and the damage to her tire looks just like the damage to old Cabin Boy’s™ tires.

  3. Someone should tell this poor guy that BS is transient who has moved 12 times in 12 months, has 13 restraining orders, writes salacious sexualized material about Cub Scouts, and whose shtick is to behave like a long-time resident wherever he lands. Oh, and he abandons pets.

  4. What’s the chance Bill Schmalfeldt is NEVER allowed to begin his employment at KDSN Radio? He just isn’t the type of person to be interacting with listeners and sponsors. There is a reason the Cabin Boy has absolutely no relationships with any of his family members. It’s the same reason that after 60+ years he has no friends.

    • If that’s an example of his discourse, the chance of firing prior to actually starting are excellent. I certainly wouldn’t want such language and hostile behavior attached to my business.

      Phone, train.

  5. Can we put negative numbers in the pool to how long he lasts there? He’s going to shoot himself in the foot with a cannon (which is difficult since he hasn’t seen his feet or his penis in a decade)

  6. There seems to be an incapacity of comprehension that the declarative memory of the constabulary exceeds the statute of limitations, especially in depopulated agrarian communities, and the foreseeable consequences thereof.

  7. He’s already talking as if he lived in Iowa all his life. Does he not remember that the last brief stint he did in Iowa saw him fired by a family member and run out of town?

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