Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

One of the major problems that the Dread Deadbeat Pro-Se Kimberlin has had with his LOLsuits is that that he has often waited until too late to file paperwork. The TKPOTD and a follow up post from two years ago document one example.

* * * * *

Too little, too late. I received this in the mail yesterday. It hasn’t appeared on PACER. It is dated three days after Judge Hazel dismissed the RICO 2: Electric Boogaloo LOLsuit with prejudice.

It’s also interesting that Kimberlin’s letter to Judge Berger, which is dated two days earlier than this “Notice,” does not appear on the case docket for the U. S. v. Blankenship.


UPDATE—Corrected the delay between the dismissal of the case and the date of the Notice.

* * * * *

Judge Hazel has returned The Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin’s Notice to the Court.

The case is over. Kimberlin lost. He can, and probably will, appeal in keeping with his promise of lawsuits for the rest of my life. Meanwhile, …FrenchTaunt

* * * * *

Everything proceeded as I had foreseen.

5 thoughts on “Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

  1. The fact that he provided nothing from the US Attorney’s office. And the fact that the letter wasn’t docketed in the referenced case is good evidence that he was lying in toto.

  2. Whenever I read what Brett Kimberlin writes I think he’s ‘overwrought.’

    Overwrought means:

    (1) Extremely nervous.
    (2) Excessively ornate.

    Excessively ornate. Methinks. Yes. That’s it.

    ‘…focused on nefarious conduct….’
    ‘…sinister plans…’
    ‘…scoundrels and criminals…’
    ‘…actions, as described above, are those of a thug…’

    And there are others.

    Brett Kimberlin must love him some movies. My guess is his favorites include Andy Griffith standing up for the little guy. Betcha’ Brett is big on TV, too: LA Law. Allie McBeal. You know, the scenes where The Lawyer stands in front of the jury battling against the odds (and the facts) by tugging at heartstrings. For JUSTICE! Violins come up, increasing in volume, in the background. Pound the table! Make. Them. Pay.

    Aaannndddd…. The jury, or the judge, sees all the shining goodness, well meaning intentions and the necessity to make all those around Brett Kimberlin better people. The Culture, Society, and indeed The Country will be a better place. Listen to Brett.

    As if.

    The other thing I find remarkable is the way Brett Kimberlin throws suppositions (the fact of supposing; assuming that-) as matters of fact.

    ‘…we convinced many political leaders, including President Obama, and many Senators…’
    ‘…contracted with three of the most secretive military intelligence agencies on earth…’

    And there are others.

    Brett Kimberlin doesn’t back any of his suppositions up with supporting facts. Ever. But I’ll say this: Haven’t run the stats but seems to me Brett Kimberlin gets away the majority of time, IN COURT, with submitting flat-out lies without any consequence whatsoever. Hey. If it works just keep doing it, Brett. Placeholder, here, for upcoming Icarus ref.

    Bald-faced lying inferences. Lies? Brett Kimberlin writes, “My employer has been attacked and threatened with ruin unless I am fired.”

    IMHO (so don’t sue me, Brett-) Brett Kimberlin has no employer. Brett Kimberlin is answerable to no one. JTMP and VR are constructs wholly directed by Brett Kimberlin and nobody else. The other guy on the paperwork is a non-player. All the money’s Bretts’. All the content’s Bretts’. Any and all activity is Bretts’. One man show.

    Brett Kimberlins’ effrontery (shameless boldness; audacity) is a wonder to behold. Brett Kimberlin would do well, IMHO, to consider the lesson of Icarus. The odds are not with Brett Kimberlin going forward and ‘vexatious litigant status’ is likely not the end game. Amazes me to point out that Brett would be best off taking a lesson from Schmalfeldt and just quit the battlefield. Stop all the lawfare. Go quiet. As best you can. (BTW, Shakes, I don’t think that’s going to work for you. Wall. Ram. LOLSuit VIII. Or something or other. Maybe all of the above. Plus several people who have taken exception to your doxing so you can meddle in others lives. Payback’s a bitch I’m guessing and $10 says you’ll know within 10 days. I have no inside knowledge there. Just guessing.).

    Run the non-profits, Brett. Sucker the libs in to donating. Move a little product, de jure, on the side. Move a little legal advice, that is, on the side. What? What did you think I meant?

    Stand ready with The Resistance.

    Go! Fight! Win!

    Until you don’t. Until you don’t, Brett.

    Nothing in this missive is meant to be nor should be construed as a threat in any way. Fair use. Parody. Actual quotes. Opinion. Not valid in states where prohibited. Not valid on MSNBC, CNN or NPR. Not suggesting Brett Kimberlin should seek David Hogg as a acolyte; although, Jeez- Brett, you sure as hell could do a lot better than the last bunch. Or are you getting the band back together? Think I read that somewhere.

  3. Amazing. The only case of “PD” to go into remission! Remember 6 months ago when he had to lie down every ten minutes? And bought a wheelchair and a scooter? And now? He’s traveling to start a new job, and tweeting about urinating the bed!

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