They Have the Right to Remain Silent

As I’m sure the Gentle Reader has seen elsewhere on the Interwebz, the Parkland High School Children’s Crusade gang is now whining about how their rights are being infringed by having to use transparent book bags at school. David Hogg has complained about how that violated their First Amendment rights.

Uh, no.

Having to use a see-through book bag doesn’t infringe on the rights to peaceably assemble or petition the government. It doesn’t infringe on their right to speak. It doesn’t infringe on the rights of a free press. And it’s unclear (pun intended) how it would infringe on anyone’s religious rights.

If he’d tried to make an argument based on the prohibition on unreasonable searches and seizure of the Fourth Amendment … “secure in their … persons, … papers, and effects” … then he wouldn’t have further revealed his ignorance of the Bill of Rights.

Just as the right of self defense in a natural right, so is the right to remain silent. As the proverb says: Better to be silent and thought a fool than to speak and prove it.

6 thoughts on “They Have the Right to Remain Silent

  1. Parkland Kids – Making us use clear backpacks is unjust. We are being punished for the action of someone else.

    Also Parkland Kids – Millions of law abiding gun owners must have their rights taken away because of the actions of someone else.

  2. …or as Ron White was fond of saying (when recounting his youthful misadventures)….

    I had the right to remain silent, just not the ability.

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