How Old is Your OS?

While drinking my first cup of coffee this morning, I took a look through the connection log for Hogewash! for the last couple of thousand logins. There were 9 folks still using XP and one connection each from users of Vista, Windows 8, and FreeBSD i686.

The two most popular systems were Windows 10.0 and iOS 11.2.4. Together, they accounted for about half the connections.

FWIW, the machine I usually use to create this site is currently running MacOS 10.13.4.

17 thoughts on “How Old is Your OS?

  1. I use WIN7 at work, WIN10 at home. I prefer WIN7 because it doesn’t try to do quite as much automatically. It’s also why I hate my Android phone: the apps do too much without me even wanting them to do it! Ugh.

  2. Not that I use it to access Hogwash, but I have a pretty old server sitting next to me still running Unix System V.

  3. I have several different devices I use to connect. Depends where I am and what I’m doing at the time. Thank you for the entertainment and for fighting the good fight!

  4. Lotta old guys on here it seems. I used to punch tape at U of Illinois for the mainframes there. An Illiac of some number (can’t remember now — III or IV maybe) and tape and cards for the IBM 640. Right now I’m on a Win 7, but I sometimes use the Vista machine in the basement.

  5. I have a work machine running Windows 10. My personal computer is an iMac that is triple booted…WinXP, OSX Snow Leopard and OSX (whatever the latest is). Why? Because I still have old windows and OSX software and software that won’t run on the newest operating systems. It’s software that I like, does everything I need it to do and cost me a lot of money. Why should I invest even more money in new software that does a whole lot of fancy stuff that I’ll never use? I have the newest version of OSX because some of there is also some newer software that I use that will not run on snow leopard, so there’s that. I like Windows XP. It’s simple and isn’t made so “stupid proof” that it’s impossible to control things that people who actually have some idea of how computers work like to control. I’m forced to use Windows 10 for work, but I’d be perfectly happy if I could use XP for that too. Sometimes “progress” is more trouble than it’s worth.

  6. We still have 2 production servers running Windows 2000 server for old SCADA/DCS controllers. They’re of course firewalled off at more than one level with NO internet access of any kind. They were also virtualized about 6 years ago as the hardware they ran on had been out of support for 10 at least by that time.

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