9 thoughts on “Don’t Know Much About History

  1. Not to mention it’s illustrated with a photo of imaginary warriors using “spears” that shoot lasers. Truly, the Wakandans, if they existed, would be the most cowardly of all.

    I’m thinking that this is a troll account. Nobody could genuinely be this stupid, right? right?

  2. There are mainly two reasons to invent anything. To make things easier/less time consuming or to make them more enjoyable/less arduous.

    What is this really? “You forward. Why don’t you get off your horse, take off all your armor, drop your sword, and fight me like a man?”

    The answer of course is, “because I have a horse, sword, and armor, and frankly if I’m fit enough to use them even without you’d still loose.”

  3. Actually, we’re rather happy with how Rorke’s Drift turned out. Thanks all the same BBW.

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