Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

I’m told that Bill Schmalfeldt has worn out his welcome in South Carolina again and is headed to “the midwest.” The last time he inflicted himself on that part of the country, things didn’t go so well for him. This Legal LULZ Du Jour from a couple of years ago today is one example.

* * * * *

The Cabin Boy™ seems to be in one of his manic phases, and he’s been running off at the keyboard with a disjointed set of tweets about Paul Krendler.RD201603281924ZRD201603282048ZIANAL, but I’ll bet that the Milwaukee DA’s Office will determine fairly quickly that it has no jurisdiction over Illinois statutes—assuming that they might be applicable to Krendler, something which the Cabin Boy™ has yet to demonstrate.

* * * * *

OTOH, the midwest grows most of the popcorn.

15 thoughts on “Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

  1. He has predicted so many times that the kops are coming for everyone and no one that I recall has ever opened the front door to a police officer unexpectedly to be hauled away in irons.

    And yet, he’s running once again. Wonder why?

    • Because of all the stupid things he does, it’s near the top of the list of stupid things he does real well. I mean he hikes his skirt and runs away very well, not that it works very well in any real sense.

  2. He’s employed? Great! He will be able to give up those “disability” payments he receives because of his inability to work due to “PD.”

    • You mean he tossed the Inflate-A-Boy in a ditch off the interstate like he did with his precious SGOTCU and his poor pets? I thought he was the “Love of My Life V4”? I guess even the stupidest among the population can wise up enough to see what a scumbag Schmalfeldt is and, despite the promise of new chompers (and we see how well Bill kept THAT promise), realize they are better off under the bridge alone.

    • Founded in 1856, the Clinton Herald is the Gateway area’s source for local news and sports.


      The Clinton Herald will be the dependable source for local news; provide our readers a public forum to express their needs, interests and concerns; and engage in community activities that enhance the image and character of our newspaper and our communities.


      The Clinton Herald is a part of Community Newspaper Holdings Inc. (CNHI), one of the leading publishers of local news and information in the United States.

      Founded in 1997, CNHI’s newspapers, websites and niche publications serve more than 130 communities throughout the United States.

      CNHI publications strive to be leading providers of local news and information in their communities. CNHI values excellence, integrity, respect for employees and a customer focus in all of its operations.

      CNHI is a privately owned company based in Montgomery, Alabama.

      For more information visit

      Wow, just imagine the look on an HR managers face if they find out one of their 130 community papers hired a child harasser, dead baby harasser, serial adjudicated harasser, and boutique child pornographer as a managing editor

  3. They must have read hunky dunk, a poop filled book where the hero takes dumps in front of people about every twenty pages, that’s the type of community editor small towns with young families need to teach the next generation

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