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Three years ago, Team Kimberlin was contacting the employers and other associates of various persons they were targeting with false and/or misleading information. It appears the purpose of those contacts was to cause the targeted individuals to be fired. I wrote about a small bit of what happened here at Hogewash!, and that included several Johnny Atsign episodes. Someone in Team Kimberlin couldn’t contain himself and commented on one of those episodes. I responded with a post titled Funny You Should Ask which ran three years ago today.

* * * * *

The last three intriguing episodes of Yours Truly, Johnny Atsign have dealt with several potentially interrelated episodes of harassment wherein either The Grouch or The Bomber had contacted a third party in order to harass someone who was or wound up as one of Johnny’s clients. None of the episode provide any information about the contents of the harassing messages. Yet, today, Hogewash! received this comment to yesterday’s episode.YTJA CommentWhy would “Keep Wondering” ask such a question unless he knew that the contents of one or more of the messages directed the recipient(s) attention to “public information”?

Pretend for a moment that the fictional Johnny Atsign episodes are, like Blognet, based on true incidents but with the some of the names changed to protect the innocent. That knowledge of the contents of at least one of the messages would limit the range of possible identities of “Keep Wondering” to one of the senders or one of the recipients. Since the recipients know why they turned the messages over to law enforcement agencies, they probably have a good idea of why the messages might be illegal. That leaves a very small population of suspects.

Still, the question deserves an answer. There are several—depending on who received which message.

Under Maryland law, it is a crime to harass a government employee at work.

Under federal law, it is a serious felony to harass a federal employee or a contractor assisting a federal employee at work.

Under Maryland law, it is a crime to make a false report to a public official which causes an investigation to occur.

Under federal law, it is a crime to make a false statement to a federal official.

Someone is playing Go Fish when the real game is Fizzbin.

* * * * *

None of the messages sent by Team Kimberlin had the effect they intended. Indeed, to the extent that some of the messages triggered official inquiries, members of Team Kimberlin were the targets of the investigations.

And I gained five pounds eating popcorn.

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